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Thrifty Thrills

February 23, 2011 - 1:30 pm 2 Comments

I love saving money. But even more than that, I love saving money effortlessly. And I’m not referring to the $50 coupons you find in your Express shopping bag after just having spent $150. That’s a hook, not a discount. I’m talking about catch-free, bonafide savings. I’m talking about social buying websites that usually promise between 40-90% off.

I recently joined after a friend showed me that day’s deal for discounted yoga classes with a studio I had previously expressed interest in. I received a 5-class voucher for the price of 2 classes. Can you say $CHA-CHING$?

Top Social Buying Sites

How They Work:
Each social buying website has its own specifications but generally you become involved because you are interested in that day’s deal, someone recommended it to you, or you just read this blog and are finally in tune with what you’re missing!

In any case, you sign up for free and “purchase” whatever deal you are interested in by selecting it and entering your card info. This does not necessarily mean that you automatically get the discount. Each deal has a minimum number of people that have to “purchase” it in order for the deal to go live. Once that minimum is met, everyone’s card is charged and you receive your discount voucher by email.

Aside from not having to track down deals by scouring the paper for coupons or surfing the net, some of these sites allow you to choose what categories you are interested in viewing discounts for. For instance, when signing up for Groupon they allow you to filter your deals based on categories such as: Health & Beauty, Food & Drink, Retail & Services, etc. Under each of these categories, you can specify up to 5 specific subcategories. For instance, under Retail & Services, you can choose from Automobile, Clothing/Fashion/Accessories, Groceries, Home & Garden, or Pets.

Some of these sites offer referral incentives, which credit you a specified amount every time you refer a friend to the site and that friend makes a purchase. My roommate mentioned that he had a ton of things to send to dry cleaning but didn’t want to spend that money all at once. I caught a daily deal for 50% off dry cleaning with a $100 value at a dry cleaner in our neighborhood. Once I referred him, I received $10 to spend on my next BuyWithMe purchase. Amazing!

For a full comparison of the top social buying sites like Groupon, BuyWithMe, and LivingSocial, click here!

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