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Blogging For Businesses

May 11, 2011 - 2:32 pm 5 Comments

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It’s impossible to miss all of the blogging occurring in our contemporary society. Whether you’re looking at a big company or a small start up, blogging has simply exploded, becoming a huge phenomenon as the essential business tool. Why, you may ask? Stripped down to the core, it’s a way to set businesses apart from their competition.

According to an article by Small Business Trends, consistent blogging allows businesses to “build credibility with potential customers, promote their own authority, create news around their brand, and woo the search engines.” Blogging is undoubtedly a cost-effective solution allowing you to kill many birds with one stone, so to speak.

But that does not mean you can go in blind. Most companies adopt a certain approach when it comes to blogging, creating a cohesive, unified front for site visitors to evaluate accordingly.

I’ve studied many blogs and from my observations, there are four dominant strategies employed when it comes to corporate blogging.

1. Promoting their business
2. Promoting their clients
3. Promoting their industry knowledge
4. Promoting their personality

Each has its own set of benefits, but it’s really up to the company in question to determine what’s most important to them. As far as Spada Media is concerned, personality trumps all others. Our blog, Spada’s Spotlight, is the ideal opportunity to showcase the things that excite and inspire us – a more informal avenue that complements our website yet goes one step further in sharing ourselves with you.

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