Best In Show – Home Show Booths, That Is!

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This past weekend, the Spada Media team worked the RIBA Home Show at the RI Convention Center in Providence. We were constantly busy setting up, assisting cooking demonstrations, and making sure everything was running smoothly, yet our marketing minds were more engaged than ever. Due to the volume of local vendors present at the event, booths were everywhere. And as a vendor in a tightly packed setting, such as the Home Show, it is absolutely crucial to stand out and attract people to your booth, or you could be forgotten in the crowd.



As I was perusing the vast array of booths on a raw and gray afternoon, I came across a lovely booth that instantly made me forget that a) I was in Providence and b) it was cold outside. Set up like a rustic farm stand, the Sure to Grow Strawberries booth successfully embraced its theme of fresh produce and was like a breath of fresh air in the large and crowded Convention Center. They also distributed packages of dormant strawberry seeds that become fertile when you plant them, allowing my mind to fast-forward to summer and the heaven of fresh, garden-grown strawberries.

Tip: When envisioning your booth, use aesthetics to create an atmosphere and your product will stand out. Also, free is good!

just grill it

While walking down an especially crowded aisle, I caught a delectable whiff of what could only be grilled fare. That perked me up straight away and I quickly bypassed the remaining booths to see what was cooking. Located in a coveted corner booth, Just Grill It was surrounded by people enjoying the fantastic aroma and the mouth-watering sight of sizzling veggies, meat, and fruit “on the barby.” The on-going grilling action kept the audience’s interest piqued and the promise of delicious samples kept them coming back for more.

Tip: The way to most hearts is through the stomach. With food, keep it simple – just cook! People enjoy watching the action and the promise of a treat at the end.

hometowne prints

People from all over Rhode Island come to the Home Show every year to enjoy the best of our state’s vendors. One exhibitor, however, brought Rhode Island to life with hand-drawn pictures of our 39 towns and cities. Her images depicted the features that make each town unique, which appealed to many people. Hometowne Prints from Donna Ide had a booth that was beautiful in its simplicity, mirroring the charm of her art.

Tip: When you’re displaying something so visual as artwork, your booth needs to be understated while also complementing your pieces.

embrace home loans

Walking down the aisles of the Home Show, it can be hard to differentiate one vendor from another. Somewhere down aisle 400, this was not the case. My eyes latched on to some guys wearing vibrant orange polos over by the Embrace Home Loans booth. Though mortgages aren’t the most fascinating subject, the loud shirts combined with the display of bright oranges and pineapples made it impossible to walk by them. Embrace Home Loans was shooting for a “fresh approach to mortgages” and they definitely hit the nail on the head.

Tip: With something mundane and a bit scary like mortgages, incorporate an inviting visual display that will draw people over to your booth.

mike bryce

While I was checking out the art aisle, I noticed that most artists were all doing the same thing – showcasing their masterpieces. One painter, however, dared to be different. Surrounded by his bright, detailed artwork, Mike Bryce spent most of his time behind an easel, creating new paintings. He was very friendly and loved explaining to Home Show guests how his pieces evolve from start to finish. People were drawn to his booth because they enjoyed watching him at work and got to see firsthand the sheer effort that goes into each painting.

Tip: As an artist, it is so important to give people a reason to connect specifically with your art over anyone else’s. Demonstrating your talent does this like nothing else can.

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